WordPress Websites

WordPress has taken the web by storm, and is today one of the most popular website Content Management Systems in use today.

WordPress websites are easy to use, and can be customised to fully reflect your company’s corporate style as well as integrating any business processes that you need.

We work with a variety of clients. Some people just need a single pre-built theme and some guidance, while others require a fully bespoke system to manage their online presence.

Custom WordPress Themes

We can create your own custom WordPress theme to work in with your companies personality and reflect the way that you want to be seen by the world.

While pre-built themes are great for saving time and money, they have their own issues. Custom themes are built specifically for you. This means that your sites theme will do what you want it to without having to “trick” it into working that way. Custom themes normally leaner and faster then pre-built themes because they don’t need the same level of options and processing that pre-built themes need.

Custom WordPress Plugins

Custom WordPress plugins let you extend your websites functionality and let you do business your way.

We can develop custom WordPress plugins to do almost anything that you need. We have extensive experience in plugin development, and can integrate with anything from a simple data feed to a complete API-driven system.

Why is WordPress the best?

WordPress is the choice of website builders now because of it’s ease of use, huge availability of themes and plugins, and the ability of a lot of developers around the world to modify the system to work just as you need it do.

Creating a custom WordPress theme or plugin for your site lets you be in charge of exactly how your site works.

Talk to us today about your requirements and let us help you to get your dreams started.